Blue Sky F.A.Q's

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hot Water Soft Wash Roof in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts - Blue Sky Pressure Washing Service (603) 594-WASH "9274"

How Will Blue Sky Clean my Roof in Tyngsborough, MA?

Blue Sky Soft Washing process involves the application of an industry proven environmentally safe mix of detergents - similar to that of a garden hose. The system we use follows roof manufacturer guidelines, is safe for your home, family, pets, and landscaping.

Will Blue Sky Detergents Kill My Plants?

No. Blue Sky's solutions are powerful, but our crew goes to great measures to rinse down all plants surrounding the house before, during, and after application. They will also tarp any thing that may be particularly delicate.

How Soon After a Hot Water Soft Wash with Blue Sky do the Black Streaks Return?

WARRANTY'S come with all Blue Sky services, especially roofs for 3 years from the date of service!

Hot Water Soft Wash Roof in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts
We are happy to come back and re apply treatment if necessary. Sometimes it will last even longer! 

Blue Sky can not warranty a Partial roof cleaning because untreated algae (that may not be visible in its early stages), will spread onto the treated areas. The growth of algae is slowed in areas that receive maximum sunlight, but eventually it will become visible!

It's so important for Blue Sky to come and treat the entire roof surface!

Call the professionals at: 603-594-WASH "9274"