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Monday, January 12, 2015

Is it just a dirty roof? No, it's ALGAE - Blue Sky Pressure Washing Service (603) 594-WASH "9274"

Roof stains on residential homes in Amherst, NH. It’s not just a dirty roof, it's really more than that!

The DARK STAINS you see are a form of algae called Gloeocapsa magma which is a species of cyanobacteria.  New England's humid summers actually promote moisture and algae growth on the north side of your Amherst colonial.

The north side receives less sunlight, this area stays damper which allows the algae spores to thrive and grow. In addition, some shingles have limestone added to them as filler which is a great food source for algae.

Roof algae hold the moisture and will begin to break down your shingles. Because of the bacteria, the shingles will rot prematurely. Lichen is one of the most common signs of damage. Lichen eats away the roof granules that provide protection to shingles.

Blue Sky Power Washing can clean your roof! Call us today 603-594-WASH (9274) and visit, to see how we do it!